Chrissy Teigen Takes Twitter to Court for Silly Judgments, Weighs In on Tiger King's Darkest Theory [Video]

The host of Quibi’s upcoming “Chrissy’s Court” weighs in on the darkest theoriy about Carole Baskin’s husband, as well as a litany of other super important Twitter disputes.

Chrissy Teigen must really be itching to get in there and start passing judgment on people’s real issues with her new show on Quibi, “Chrissy’s Court.” The queen of Twitter hit up her favorite platform to get a jump start on the April 6 premiere by resolving people’s disputes in real time.

Teigen called Twitter court in session on Thursday morning, where the tone was immediately set with a question about whether or not a hot dog qualifies as a sandwich. There is bread, there is innards, but is that enough?

Yeah, it was going to be one of those kinds of days. Please note that “Chrissy’s Court” will fall more in line with the types of cases you’ll see on “Judge Judy” or “Hot Bench,” but we are kind of here for this kind of totally asinine deliberations as well. “Chrissy’s Court” should totally do a Twitter edition on a regular basis.

For the record, Teigen took her reply very serious — or perhaps melodramatically — decreeing that “a hot dog is a hot dog which is a species of sandwich.”

And from there she was off to the races, and apparently just in time as all this coronavirus-induced self-isolation has some people getting a little testy with the now constant presence of their roommates. For the purposes of this story, and people’s frustration levels, loved ones qualify as roommates.

There were questions about microwave etiquette, radiation risks, trash can placement and other pivotal issues for living together with someone for a prolonged period of time.

She even did one follower a solid, who looked for a ruling that would have Chrissy’s mother unblock her after having done so five years ago … according to the fan it was all over a misunderstanding anyway.

And then there was the woman who has made it a practice during these trying times of toilet paper hoarding of conducting an elaborate funeral for each roll as it is used up and “dies.” Chrissy did pass a ruling on whether or not she should listen to her embarrassed teen and stop. She also asked, “Are u okay?”

Same, Chrissy.

You can check out some of her best rulings below while awaiting the launch of the real “Chrissy’s Court” on Quibi April 6 (see the trailer above) including a surprise coda to her original session so she could weigh in on the most disturbing and gruesome theory to come out of Netflix’s bizarre docuseries sensation “Tiger King”:

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