Chrissy Teigen Explains Why She Chose to Have a Girl with Husband John Legend


Chrissy Teigen opened up to People about her new book, Cravings, and revealed that she and John Legend didn’t leave the gender of their baby up to chance.

“I’ve made this decision. Not only am I having a girl, but I picked the girl from her little embryo. I picked her and was like, ‘Let’s put in the girl,'” said Chrissy.

She went on to explain why she wanted her first child to be a girl.

“I think I was most excited and allured by the fact that John would be the best father to a little girl. That excited me,” she told People. “Just the thought of seeing him with a little girl. I think he deserves a little girl. I think he deserves that bond. A boy will come along.”

The baby girl is expected within the next few months.

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