Chris Brown's Mom Says Friends Turned Him Into a Thug + Chris Seeks Medical Marijuana Treatment for Anger Management

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Sources close to Chris Brown reveal that he and his mom have been having issues off and on for a long time — mostly due to his ‘out-of-control’ friends.

His mom believes his crew only hangs around for the money and fame and she thinks they got him addicted to weed.

At one point, the smoking became so bad that he was always high around his mother and she got tired of his disrespectful behavior. Things got so heated between the two during her visit to Chris’ previous rehab facility that he ended up throwing a rock at her car.

This news comes in conjunction with more Breezy/weed news.

According to Radar Online, Chris wants to continue smoking marijuana to help treat his anger issues because he doesn’t like the effects of anti-depressant drugs.

“They make Chris feel very numb and he felt that everything around him was fuzzy,” the insider revealed.

“He felt dull and thirsty all the time. He had been taking medical marijuana for the last several years, until the judge said Chris couldn’t take it beginning last summer. It was just another instance in which Chris felt he was being treated differently because of his celebrity status.

“Add that on top of the fact the judge ruled that he had to do all of his community service all over again because of questions regarding the work he had done in Virginia and Chris feels like he just can’t catch a break.”

There are a lot of ‘sources’ going on here…but it all seems pretty reasonable. What do you think?

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