Chris Brown's Gun Case Could Soon Be Dropped Due to Insufficient Evidence


Chris Brown’s gun case is about to be dropped…according to sources.

It’s being said that the D.A. doesn’t have enough evidence for the case to move forward. Chris was supposed to be arraigned two weeks ago, but cops got a two-week extension to gather more evidence…and were unsuccessful.


via TMZ:

Our law enforcement sources say the D.A. sees the handwriting on the wall … all they have is a sketchy alleged victim who hedges on drug and alcohol consumption during the party and made the media rounds big time after the incident.

Authorities also have trouble pinning a gun to Chris. He threw a duffel bag out the window during the standoff and cops say they found 2 guns inside, but they’re worried the weapons can’t be tied to the singer.

Short story … we’re told it’s all but case closed. There’s some history between Brown and prosecutors, who wanted him jailed several times while he was on probation in the Rihanna beating case. But our D.A. sources insist, Rihanna is history and is not relevant in the current, weak case.

If cops want to persist, they could take the case to the L.A. City Attorney for misdemeanor assault prosecution, but we’re told that would almost certainly be a dead end, because a weak case is a weak case.

Good for Chris. He didn’t deserve to go down for this one.

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