[Updated] Chris Brown NOT Ordered to 1-Year of Domestic Violence Classes After Karrueche's Testimony

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Chris Brown needs help learning how to keep his hands off women. Thanks to Karrueche’s testimony in her restraining order hearing, a judge has ordered Chris to undergo a domestic violence intervention program.

Update: Chris does NOT have to attend a year of counseling. The court tells TMZ there was a clerical error in the documents. He probably should, though.

via TMZ:

According to court docs, Brown has to complete a 52-week batterer intervention program. The sentence was handed down after Karrueche testified in Thursday’s restraining order hearing.

As we reported, the judge also ruled Chris has to stay away from Karrueche for the next 5 years.

He’s no stranger to counseling sessions. After his Rihanna conviction, Chris had to attend domestic violence counseling — and later, when he violated probation in that case, he was forced to attend anger management.

We seriously hope it helps.

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