Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rental Property in Ibiza, Reportedly Left Piss and Vomit Everywhere

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It’s time to come together in a prayer circle for Chris Brown.

According to new reports, Chris Brown got himself kicked out of the home he was staying in while in Ibiza last week for allegedly trashing it.

via TMZ:

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Chris or someone in his crew either threw knives at the wall or carved them up.

And the alleged damages gets worse … the landlord says someone peed the bed and there was vomit everywhere.

As for why cops got involved, according to the report, Chris was supposed to be out hours ago and wouldn’t leave, so the landlord got police to help give him the boot.

The landlord says Chris is also on the hook for $26k in rent, and with damages the landlord is now gunning for around $60k. A source close to Chris says the rent issue has been resolved, and was a banking problem on the landlord’s end. 

Lord, we hope someone gets a hold of Chris and his crew. He’s spiraling right before our eyes.

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