Chris Brown Claps Back at Criticism for Missing His Daughter's 1st Birthday Party, Reportedly Offered to Fly the 'Entire Family' to Disney World [Photos]


Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty celebrated her first birthday with a party at Chuck E. Cheese thrown by her mother Nia Guzman.

Chris wasn’t in attendance because he was filming a music video in Miami that same day. Friends of Nia have reportedly blasted the singer, accusing him of being a no show and letting everyone know that Nia & her boyfriend paid for the entire party.

As the story started to gain traction on social media, Chris decided to let his thoughts on the situation be known.


Meanwhile, according to TMZ, Chris actually offered to fly Nia and “the entire family” out to Disney World — but Nia said no.

Brown’s rep tells TMZ,  it’s true he was a no show for Royalty’s 1st birthday, but it’s because he was shooting a music video in Miami. The rep says, “Like any working parent, Chris is doing his best to prioritize the needs of his daughter.” 

But Chris had a plan … flying “the entire family” to Disney World. It’s unclear if that included King Ba, Nia Guzman’s BF who has been trying to assume the role of Dad. But Chris insists Nia turned him down flat.

Nia’s pissed that Chris didn’t show for the shindig at Chuck E. Cheese’s in Houston, but Chris says he’ll throw a special party for Royalty the next time he sees her.

It seems like Nia’s getting a little ahead of herself. First, she wants $15,000 a month and now she’s running to the blogs about Chris missing a Chuck E. Cheese party but omitting the fact she turned down Disney World? Hm.

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