Chris Brown Allegedly Threatened a Woman with a Gun, SWAT Team Is Reportedly En Route to His House [Photos]


Chris Brown may have gotten himself into some MAJOR trouble.

A woman claims Chris threatened her with a gun at this home this morning. The woman called 911 and police responded and took a report.


via TMZ:

TMZ has learned Chris was in the house with several friends, including Ray J. They were talking and at one point Ray was getting a tattoo when some “uninvited guests” appeared inside the house and were asked to leave.

At that point, the story gets murky. The guests included a man who was invited, and two women who were not — one of the women who’d been asked to leave is the one who made the police report, claiming Brown pulled the gun on her. Someone inside the house insists Chris was asleep the whole time.

At some point Ray J left the house and when he got to the base of the driveway, police handcuffed him and seized his BMW. They checked his ID, uncuffed him and let him go, but kept his car as evidence. He Ubered home. 

At the time of this post, Chris is still in the house. He never left. Police are knocking on the door, but no one inside is responding.

We don’t know what police will do if he tries to leave.

TMZ also says that a SWAT team is en route to Chris’ home and that the LAPD is in the process of obtaining a search warrant. They’ll be looking to see if a gun that matches the description of the gun the woman alleges she was threatened with is in the house.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops…

Update: Chris is up from his alleged nap and is posting videos about the police presence in his home.

Update #2: Drugs, guns and weapons have been found in the home. 

Update #3: After several hours, Chris has ended his standoff with police. No arrests have been made at this time.


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