Chris Brown Accused of Having His Crew Rough Up a Photographer

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Another month, another person is associating Chris Brown with some type of violent behavior.

This time, a photographer is accusing Chris of ordering his crew to rough him up a bit.

via TMZ:

It all went down at a launch party on a private yacht last weekend in Fort Lauderdale. Michael Watts, the photog, claims he was taking pics of Chris and Warren Sapp when CB got pissed and began yelling obscenities. 

According to the police report filed by Watts — and obtained by TMZ — Chris went ballistic during a shot with singer Tank, shouting … “This ain’t no press release, you’re done!” Watts claims CB’s enforcer then shoved him so hard, he spun around and cracked his $1,200 Canon lens against a wall.

The photog says he left to avoid further confrontation. Chris flatly denies his guy hit anyone, or in his words … “It’s a lie, lie, lie, lie.”

Who do you believe?

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