Chris Bosh's Mom Says She's Not a Drug Trafficker, But Her Son Is Evicting Her Anyway

Over the weekend, it was reported that a home owned by NBA star Chris Bosh was raided as part of a drug trafficking investigation and Chris’ mother — who lives in the home — was listed as a suspect.

Well, Chris’s mother, Freida Bosh, says she had no part in whatever was going down in the home she lives in. She also says that her relationship with Chris isn’t the greatest and he’s been trying to evict her from the home.

via TMZ:

We spoke with Freida Bosh and her son, Joel Bosh, about the police raid on the home where she lives in DeSoto, Texas … in which cops claim they found evidence connecting Freida’s house with a drug trafficking operation.  Freida says she “built” the home with Chris roughly 12 years ago — but since then, their relationship has deteriorated and he’s been trying to evict her. Freida says the two haven’t spoken in 5 years.

To combat the eviction, Freida says she’s had to hire lawyers — and has been forced to rent out the home to various tenants to cover the pricey legal bills.  Long story short … Freida says the person who brought trouble to the home is a former short-term tenant — and she had NOTHING to do with his alleged illegal activity.  FYI, cops believe crack cocaine and heroin were being trafficked out of the home. No arrests have been made, but we’re told that could happen soon.

Joel Bosh says he’s been trying to help his mom work things out with Chris — but his priority is helping her clear her name in the drug trafficking case because he believes she’s 100% innocent.  Despite the family drama, both Freida and Joel say they love Chris and hope they can reconcile soon.

Check out the video of Chris’ mother and brother speaking on the incident below. Do you believe what they’re selling (no pun)?

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