Chris Bosh's Mom Named As a Suspect in a Drug Trafficking Sting After Cops Raid Her Home

A home owned by Chris Bosh was the target of a police drug trafficking raid.

To make matters even more bizarre, his mother, Freida Bosh, has been named as a suspect in the investigation.

DeSoto police raided the home Friday morning after obtaining search warrant.

via TMZ:

A rep for the DPD tells us a bunch of evidence was seized from the home — “a large amount of drug paraphernalia was recovered consistent with narcotics trafficking.” Officials believe crack cocaine and heroin were being trafficked through the home. We’re told no one has been arrested at this point — but that could be coming soon.

A law enforcement source connected to the case tells TMZ, “We don’t believe Chris has any connection short of owning the house.”

So you mean we’re supposed to believe Chris’ mother is trappin’ out of the house her son paid for and he had no idea?

Surely that kind of thing comes with a few warning signs, right?

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