Chlöe Said The People Who ‘Talk Trash’ About Her Solo Career Weren’t Fans Of Chloe X Halle In The First Place [Video]

Chlöe Bailey, popularly known as one-half of the Grammy-nominated sister girl group Chloe X Halle, deleted Twitter because of the negative comments’ impact on her.

via: Uproxx

In a new interview, she addressed those people, pointing out the fatal flaw in one of their favorite arguments.

Appearing on her hometown radio station, Atlanta’s Majic 107.5, Chlöe broke down the negative responses after being asked about the criticism by host Ryan Cameron. “I saw somebody that said, ‘Whatever happened to Chloe X Halle?’” the host said. “Because they felt like it was a space — after Beyoncé [signed the sister duo] and all that — there was just gonna be all these things. Then, all of a sudden, all these things really happen, then it’s like, ‘Whatever happened to Chloe X Halle?’ It’s like they almost felt like… they wanted you to stay a kid!”

“The thing is,” Chlöe replied, “The same people who say that weren’t fans of Halle and [me] when we had our Ungodly Hour album out, The Kids Are Alright. So, it’s a bunch of people who are just putting in their two cents now just to really say things. Sis and I, we’ve been underground for a minute and the same people who talk weren’t around then or giving us our props then, and it’s like now they want to talk trash for some reason.”

For sure, it’s appeared that the more success the sisters have seen, the more critical the peanut gallery has become — but those people sharing their opinions now don’t even seem to know much about the girls. Take the loud contingent of racist haters who lashed out at Halle’s casting in The Little Mermaid. It seems they’ve just become the latest targets of convenience for online cranks looking for something to hate.

You can watch the full interview up below.

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