Cher Wants Someone Outside of Britney Spears' Family to Look Into Her Well-Being [Photos]

The icon weighed in on Spears’ controversial conservatorship that has controlled her health decisions, financials and even particulars of her daily life since 2008.

While it’s not her first time chiming in on Britney Spears’ controversial conservatorship, Cher offered some of her harshest words to date in a recent statement in support of the “Toxic” singer regaining control of her life.

This came in the wake of the most recent court decision which extended the conservatorship, which was established after her mental breakdown in 2008, to at least February 2021.

Spears’ father Jamie has been in charge of her affairs for more than a decade now, with sister Jamie Lynn recently revealed to be over her financials.

Fans have even gone so far as to analyzing her regular social media selfies and videos as calls for help rife with hidden messages and coded statements indicating that Spears wants out from under her family’s control, as well.

Late last week, Cher weighed in on the ongoing controversy with a call for “someone who wasn’t want anything from her” to look into her medications and even the doctors over her treatment.

“She worked hard, was the golden goose, made lots of money, got sick, now she’s the cash cow,” wrote Cher. “Does anyone who’s making money off her being sick want her well!?”

She then ended with a simple question, “Is it a duck,” a clear reference to the adage, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.”

This isn’t the first time Cher has questioned the conservatorship over Spears’ life. Back in January, before Spears shut down her Las Vegas residency in response to her father getting sick, Cher asked how she was deemed well enough to work if she wasn’t well enough to care for herself.

A Las Vegas residency demands a grueling schedule, between rehearsals, prep time and putting on usually around six shows a night. And yet, Spears appeared to thrive in that environment, receiving rave reviews for and massive revenue from her performances.

Since stepping away, Spears fans have been confused and concerned on multiple occasions about the content she shares to social media, at times wondering if Spears was in charge even of those.

Generally, she shares selfie photos in the same pose — and sometimes the same outfit — for days on end, interspersed with occasional dancing or workout videos.

While Cher hasn’t weighed in on some of the wilder conspiracy theories about Spears’ day-to-day life right now, she clearly has strong thoughts about who should be in charge of that life, of her career and of her amassed forfune.

Or at the least concerns that those currently in charge may have a reason not to want the status quo changed, and that reason may have less to do with Spears’ health than her wealth.

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