Cheerleader Films Moment Venomous Copperhead Snake Bites Her [Video]

No-one knew what happened to her… until she remembered she had filmed her practice.

A Texas cheerleader accidentally filmed the moment she was bitten by a copperhead snake.

Paris Montgomery was videoing herself as she was about to start practicing flips in her back yard, when she felt a sharp sting in her foot.

The footage shows the teen slipping off her shoes beside her crash mat before she instantly winces and grabs her foot in pain.

Looking around, she clearly has no idea what caused the injury… while her bare feet dangle right beside the unseen venomous reptile, hidden in the tarp.

“Something just started hurting… I didn’t think it was a snake. I thought it was a stick at first,” she told ABC13. “And then I was thinking maybe a spider bite.”

She said it immediately started swelling, so she limped to her mom Tracy, who was equally perplexed, thinking maybe something had been in her shoe.

“I did not have snake on my mind, so I was thinking maybe a bee stung her'” she said. “So, I put some baking soda on it.

“Well then, it started swelling up and turning purple and we rushed her to the hospital.”

At the hospital, staff were also confused — until Paris suddenly remembered she had recorded the whole thing.

When they zoomed in, they finally spotted the culprit.

Paris was administered anti-venom treatment, while her mother asked for prayers on Facebook that the poison would not spread through her body.

She was kept for two nights before she was finally released, but still cannot walk properly a week later.

Copperheads are ambush vipers that can grow more than three feet in length.

While they prefer to avoid humans, they tend to freeze when encountered rather than slithering away — leading to many cases of people accidentally stepping on them.

Although their venom payload is weaker than most venomous vipers, bite symptoms include extreme pain, tingling, throbbing, swelling, and severe nausea; they are rarely fatal.

Bites can also cause damage to bone and muscle tissue, especially in the most commonly bitten extremities such as hands and feet, as they do not contain large muscles that can absorb the venom.

So about 7:00 tonight Paris was videoing herself flipping on her cheer mat and caught herself being bit by a snake most…

Posted by Tracy Montgomery on Thursday, May 14, 2020

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