Chadwick Boseman's Hometown to Honor Him with Massive Enshrinement

Chadwick Boseman’s hometown is set to commemorate the late actor with a tribute fit for a king.

via TMZ:

Anderson, South Carolina Mayor Terence Roberts’ office tells TMZ … the city where Chadwick grew up will be honoring him this week in a public get-together, but also down the road as well with what we’re told will be a massive enshrinement.

As for this week’s plans … a rep for the Mayor says they’re hosting a remembrance Thursday at an outdoor amphitheater, where they’ll have 3 guest speakers — including a pastor, a former high school classmate of Chadwick’s and the Mayor himself. After that, we’re told they’ll be putting on a screening of “Black Panther.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking … a public gathering at an amphitheater?? In a pandemic??? Yes, but rest assured … we’re told the city is taking all precautions to do this safely, with social distancing and masks in mind. The venue normally has a max capacity of about 10,000 … we’re told they’re cutting it down to half. First come, first serve.

Oh, and the place will be adorned with Chadwick-themed artwork from locals, so that’ll be neat to see too. At this time, it’s a little unclear if any of his immediate family members will join, but some of his extended fam who are still in the area are said to be potential drop-ins.

As for a more long-term tribute to their homegrown star — who died Friday of colon cancer — the Mayor’s team tells us they’re still not settled on a final plan, but they know it’ll be a grand, lasting public display.

We’re told Anderson is known for its art, and whatever they decide to do might very well fall in line with that. Whatever it is, we’re told it’ll do Chadwick justice, and honor his life well.

Chadwick deserves ALL of his flowers.

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