Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Reveals His Stylish Baby Gift for Evelyn Lozada


Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson may have finally accepted that he and Evelyn Lozada aren’t getting back together now that she’s pregnant with another man’s child.

He seems to be taking to it pretty well, even revealing to TMZ Sports his plans for the future child’s first gift. He says:

“[I’m] super happy for her, I will always love her and wish her nothing but the best. I have unisex Louboutin infant spikes ready as my gift.”

Do you think he’s just being nice or do you find that slightly weird?

As far as his and Evelyn’s relationship, he says:

 “No communication with her in over a year and the father doesn’t matter, I just need to style and dress the baby.”

We have a feeling that won’t be happening.


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