Cha-Ching! The Kardashians Sign a $150 Million Deal with E! for Five More Seasons

It looks like we’ll be keeping up with The Kardashians for at least two more years — and they’ll keep going to the bank.

The famous family has re-signed with E! for $150 million. They’ll deliver 5 more seasons at $30 million each.

via TMZ:

The contract is a package deal … E! is paying for all services rendered by the Kardashians. It’s a bump from their 2015 contract, in which they got $20 mil a cycle for 5 cycles — total $100 mil.

Our sources say the Kardashian deal is structured so that the family decides how to split up the money amongst themselves.

The deal takes the Kardashians into 2019.

Get into that deal structure though. In theory, since Rob doesn’t really appear they can structure it to where Rob makes virtually no money from the show.

Sorry, Chyna. 

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