CeeLo Green Sexual Assault Charges to be Dropped, Still Charged with Ecstasy Possession


CeeLo Green will be cleared of sexual assault charges stemming from an incident taking place last year. A woman alleged she and CeeLo went to a sushi restaurant in downtown Los Angeles where he slipped ecstasy in her drink and she woke up naked in his bed.

According to TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us, authorities had problems with the woman’s story … one of which was that she and CeeLo had been dating for months and had already been intimate.

We’re told CeeLo not only denied the allegations … he encouraged the D.A. and the LAPD to fully investigate.  In the end, we’ve learned the D.A. will reject the sexual assault case because of insufficient evidence.

As for the drug charge … law enforcement sources tell us CeeLo will be charged with 1 count of furnishing ecstasy … a felony, and he may be arraigned as early as this afternoon.

As we previously reported, the woman claimed to have a tape recording of CeeLo talking about the incident.  Although our sources say CeeLo never said anything about slipping ecstasy in her drink, he did reference the drug.  It appears the D.A. views the tape as a confession to drug use … thus the charge.

We’re told the criminal complaint will NOT allege the singer had any criminal intent to harm the woman when he allegedly shared ecstasy with her.

As for punishment … we’re told most people with such a first offense get probation.

Hmm…who do you believe?

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