Carson Daly Details Unique Circumstances for Wife Giving Birth Amid Pandemic [Video]

He also reveals the sweet meaning behind their baby girl’s name, Goldie.

Carson Daly opened up about the “extra anxiety” for his family before his wife Siri Pinter gave birth to their newborn baby girl, Goldie, on Thursday.

Their daughter was born in NYC and delivered during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which led to some unique hospital conditions Daly detailed during an appearance on “TODAY” this morning.

“I wake up today really just profoundly moved– two things come to mind. Number one, the strength of watching my wife Siri during this pregnancy, being nine months pregnant at this time, you can imagine the extra anxiety,” he explained to his cohosts, who were almost all working remotely.

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“I dropped her off at the hospital because the hospitals in and around New York, as you can imagine, have quite new guidelines and she went alone on Wednesday night,” he continued. “I could only join her for the birth, then I had to leave again as they are quickly trying to flip these rooms around.”

He went on to praise Siri’s “heroism,” calling her a “superhero,” before also thanking the medical staff. “The work that they are doing on the front lines, you don’t believe it until you are actually there and can see it,” he said.

That echoed the sentiments he said during Goldie’s birth announcement yesterday, as Carson said the “Daly family wants to send a special shout out to the incredibly brave & selfless medical staff at our hospital in New York and also the many courageous people on the front lines of this dreadful virus.”

“We thank God not only for the safe birth of our daughter, but for their tireless work attending to so many in need,” his post continued. “It is a bittersweet event for us as we are extremely grateful, but also mindful of this unparalleled time in our history. We appreciate your well wishes and ask that you join us in praying for the many suffering around the world. God Bless you all.”

During his morning show appearance, Daly said both mom and child were doing great, before revealing the story behind her name.

“I just got the results of my ancestry DNA kit that my sister got me for Christmas back not long ago and it confirmed my 98% Irishness. So I was looking at Irish names on St. Patrick’s Day morning and I stumbled on Goldie,” he said. “I thought this is our fourth kid, she seems like the pot of gold at the end of our family rainbow and I told Siri, ‘What do you think about Goldie Patricia?’ and that was it. One of these things we knew.”

Her middle name, Patricia, was also the name of Carson’s mother, who passed away in 2017. “It would have been my mom’s birthday tomorrow so that worked out to be quite nice,” he added.

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