Cardi B Says She's Ready to Get Paid for Viral Coronavirus Song [Video]

Cardi B wants reimbursement for inadvertently laying down a new chart-topping track.

Last week, the rapper took to Instagram to share a video where she waxes on about all things coronavirus. The rant was quickly snatched up by a DJ named iMarkkeyz, who ripped the audio and created a new dance track.

“[The beat] was in the tempo of how she said ‘coronavirus,’ so it kind of matched the beat,” iMarkkeyz told Buzzfeed.

“Coronavirus” went viral, and when the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker heard it in a Rio De Janeiro club, she posted on social media, “I might [as] well do a damn music video. I’m boutta tell Atlantic to put this song on Spotify.”

Then the song spread into the charts.

“The fact that this damn coronavirus song is charting on iTunes — Hold on — let me hit the DJ up and Atlantic so I can get my damn coins,” the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker wrote via Instagram on Monday.

A few hours later she got back on the IG horn to give an update.

“Damn I posted the iTunes chart 2 hours ago of this damn Corona song charting on the hip hop charts at 96 now it’s number 11 ?????? 86 on the overall charts — I’m glad yaaa having fun — Make sure you lysol your p–sy before you POP IT.”

By Tuesday, “Coronavirus” was ninth on the overall iTunes U.S. songs guide.

Meawnwhile, Cardi’s voice — even in an Instagram recording — could be considered copyrighted, according to Rolling Stone.

But iMarkkeyz may still be in for some of that sweet “Coronavirus” green.

“I could see her label treating this as a remix and claim 100 percent ownership of the master, and then pay the producer a royalty,” Deborah Mannis-Gardner, a music clearance specialist, told the publication.

[via TooFab]

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