Cardi B Prefers French Paparazzi, Says They Ensure Celebs "Look Nice" In Photos [Video]

Cardi B recently went to Paris for Fashion Week, where she explained that she prefers French Paparazzi because they post better photos.

via: Uproxx

“I love France,” she called, before launching into an explanation of the difference between photographers in France and those back home in the US.

“You guys are the best,” she told them. “I really love the paparazzi out here because let me tell you about the f*ckin’ American paparazzi… When you guys put [up] pictures of celebrities, you guys make sure that they look nice. You guys make sure that they take good pictures. I don’t know why American paparazzi, they will really post a picture of you looking like this. [Makes a face]. That’s f*cked up. Y’all want pictures of celebrities looking bad so people can make fun of them, shred them, put their confidence down… that’s mean. Y’all gonna get paid the same. The French paparazzi don’t do that.”

Cardi certainly has plenty of experience with folks looking to tear her down. Despite winning her defamation lawsuit against gossip blogger Tasha K, she also recently had to check the YouTuber for continuing to make nasty insinuations about her.

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