Cardi B Is Just As Upset About Inflation As You Are: ‘How Are People Surviving?’ [Video]

Cardi B is lamenting how the cost of nearly “everything” is up because of inflation.

via: Uproxx

Naturally, the “WAP” rapper had a pretty salient take on a pair of related crises in a live stream over the weekend. Taking on inflation and the housing crisis, Cardi gave a pretty apt breakdown of the problem while sharing her relatable response. Clicking her signature nails on her table, she recalled how she helped two cousins get apartments months apart, only to discover that rent prices had skyrocketed in the time since. “The way that the prices soared up… how are people surviving?” she wondered. “I wanna know!”

She pointed out how not everyone has a Cardi B in their life to help them out. She also flexed a little bit, shutting down critics who want to blame this global crisis on US President Joe Biden. “I wanna tell y’all that I get it,” she stressed. “Don’t ever think I’m one of these rich people that don’t get it and don’t give a f*ck… but I can’t do sh*t about it.” You can check out Cardi’s full video below.

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