Camila Cabello Answers to Accusations That Her Backup Dancer Wore Blackface During a Performance [Video]

Camila Cabello appeared on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ to perform her new single, “Don’t Go Yet,”but one of her dancers’ appearances stole the show — for the wrong reasons.


Shortly after the performance, Cabello received a lot of attention after many on social media accused her backup dancer of wearing blackface. As a result, she took to Twitter to address the accusations and clear things up.

“Hey! so this dude was just supposed to be a white man with a terrible spray tan,” in a note she posted on Twitter. “We purposefully tried to pull together a multicultural group of performers, the expectation was not that everyone in the performance needed to be Latin. There are white people, African American people, Latin people, etc. and so the point wasn’t to try to make everyone look Latin either. There are a lot of people in the performance who are not.” She concluded, “The point was to try to make each person look like an over-the-top 80’s character just like in the video, including a white dude with a terrible orange spray tan.”

Blackface or not — no amount of controversy can distract from how bad that song is.

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