California 'Rapper' Threatens to Beat Up Female Subway Customer Before Doxing Himself [Video]

The mortifying clip shows the ‘rapper’ making gang threats — but the unimpressed woman simply continues ordering her sandwich.

You probably never heard of BlueHunnidss — nor will you want to after watching this cringe-inducing video.

The self-described rapper was caught on video in an appalling display of aggression toward a Subway worker, before threatening to “slap the shit” out of the much smaller lady behind him in line.

The woman – who was the only other person in the store – had been filming his antics in disbelief, before she herself became the target.

Despite patiently adhering to his precious demands for his sandwich — like returning it to the oven for 2 more seconds, and insisting on which specific tomato he wanted included — it was actually the customer and not the employee who lost patience first.

“The f–k wrong with you? What you mean what else? Everything else – salt and pepper, common sense,” he derides, complaining the employee was only handling one order at a time. “F–k. This is 2020.”

“It’s common f–king sense, you need help. Can’t even do shit in a timely efficient manner. Are you stupid?”

Warning: Graphic language

It is at this point he turns his nasty attention to the woman recording his despicable behavior.

“Slap the shit out you if you touch me… and your man,” he tells the woman (who does not appear to have a man with her.)

Perhaps realizing this was his chance at viral fame, he then identified himself for the camera.

“My name is BlueHunnidss, you can Google me, you can Spotify me, you can Instagram me,” he mortifyingly declares (note: it actually takes a long time to find him on any of these platforms), “I will slap the shit out this lady if she touches me again. Point blank, period.”

“Tell her to keep my name and anything I do out her f–king mouth,” he head-scratchingly threatens, as like everyone else, she hadn’t a clue what his name was until he announced it the sentence previous.

Judging from the camera angle, and the fact he is staring down at her the whole time, the woman appears to be at least a foot smaller than him; nevertheless he continues to urge her to fight him.

“You want to act like a man, right? I’m here, what’s up? You step up to me like a man.”

The camera however never moves back an inch. Instead, the clearly unintimidated and unimpressed woman simply continues her order.

“Sir — I’m trying to order my sandwich,” she calmly tells him. “Can you please move? Thank you.”

As he finally goes to leave the store, he spews more threats and insults, warning her (absent) family members: “This is all about respect bitch, this is OTF n—a, gang shit”… before reentering the store to threaten her some more.

According to his website bio, BlueHunnidss — who is “known” for such hits as “Anti-Social”, “Gang Shit” and “Did it Again” — hails from the city of Fresno, “not to far from Los Angeles the ‘city of angels'” (if you call 220 miles away “not to far”).

“HES KNOWN AS THE GOAT in his home town where he is very loved and acknowledged,” the website claims.

He also asks fans to follow him on Instagram; alas, after receiving a lot of not-very-positive feedback on his latest Subway video, he has since switched the account to private.

[via TooFab]

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