Caitlyn Jenner Calls Kanye West 'Kind', Clarifies VP Comment [Video]

“He’s been the most kind, loving human being.”

Caitlyn Jenner says she was joking about running as Kanye West’s VP.

Jenner made the clarification Monday while appearing remotely on Good Morning Britain. When she was asked about Kanye’s presidential bid, the former Olympian said, “Well, honestly I don’t know. Since all of this has come down, I have just kind of watched it just like everybody else. I haven’t had a chance [to speak to him], he is living up in Wyoming most of the time.”

“So, I just wish him the best,” she continued. “I made that as a joke about being his VP when he announced that. But I hope for the best for him. He’s a really good guy.”

“The only thing I can talk about is really how he treated me through everything and he has been the most kind, loving human being and so good to me throughout the years and especially going through everything I’ve been going through in the last five years. He’s been such a good friend.”

“He has been extremely supportive. Kanye has got a big heart… he’s a good person,” she went on to reaffirm, “Kanye’s got a great heart.”

When pressed on Kanye as presidential candidate, she simply stated: “I can’t even go there… I don’t even want to talk politics anymore.”

As of right now West is in the midst of being registered on several ballots in the U.S. including his home state of Illinois, along with New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia, Arkansas, and more.

According to TMZ, West is currently on a family trip with Kim Kardashian “to try and work things out” after the rapper spoke about the possibility of divorce.

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