Busta Ryhmes and Jamie Foxx Reportedly Among Those Who Sent Dave Chappelle's Attacker to the Hospital

Busta Rhymes and Jamie Foxx reportedly helped Dave Chappelle beat down the man who attacked him during his show at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night.

via XXL:

On Tuesday night (May 3), Dave Chappelle headlined the Netlflix Is a Joke comedy festival at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Toward the end of the Chappelle’s Show creator’s set, a man charged the stage and tackled the comedian.

According to one report from a person on Twitter named E5quire, “Dave Chappelle was just finishing his show. He was doing his final commentary as he usually does asking for the OG comedians to come back on stage so he can have the crowd give them a round of applause… Suddenly a random person sitting in the front row jumped on stage and ran straight at him. He tackled Dave and they both went to the floor and began wrestling when everyone ran onstage to help, including Dave’s security…”

“The man was then grabbed by a number of people and taken back stage and probably didn’t make it out alive for all we know. Dave then came out from the back and this is where the video starts…,” E5quire added.

TMZ reported the man who attacked Dave was brandishing a replica firearm when he rushed the stage. A crew of people, which reportedly included Busta Rhymes, Jamie Foxx and Dave Chappelle’s security, grabbed the man and roughed him up. Dave walked away unscathed, but the attacker was captured on video leaving the venue on a stretcher. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he was reportedly charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Following the scuffle, Dave finalized the show by joking about the incident. “Oh, now everyone comes out for the curtain call,” he told the crowd. “Shout out to Jamie Foxx by the way… Whenever you’re in trouble, Jamie Foxx will show up in a sheriff’s hat… Nigga, I thought that was part of the show. I don’t know what the… I grabbed the back of that nigga’s head. His hair was spongy, absorbent.”

After inviting Jamie onstage, the two comedians recounted the beatdown.

“I been doing this 35 years, I just stomped a nigga backstage,” Dave remarked.

“I’m back there squeezing the nigga, too,” Jamie added.

“I seen Busta Rhymes, he was like, ‘That’s how you do it, god.'”

Chris Rock, who was also in attendance, was brought onstage during the aftermath. He used the opportunity to make a joke about being slapped by Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars.

“Was that Will Smith?” he asked Dave.

We’re just glad no one (besides the attacker) got injured.

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