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B. Scott on Dr. Drew [Video + Photos]

Last night I was asked to appear on HLN’s Dr. Drew to discuss news headlines including the recent Rutgers University gay suicide scandal, Snooki’s rumored pregnancy and a recent incident involving a lesbian couple being kicked out a hotel. Watch some of the segments below! 


Dr. Drew airs weeknights at 9PM on HLN!


  1. •´¯`•.¸?•?.•????•.¸?•?.•´¯`•.¸?

  2. B, when will the youtube vids start back up

  3. B you were wonderful! And as usual, looking gorgeous!l! <3

  4. i dont know why people actually listen to B.Scott. He dropped all his “love muffins” with the first sign of celebrity. You all were just a taxi to get him there and he flung y’all right off! wise up!

  5. Wow! I cannot believe that we as a people are still doing things like this to other people! What makes ANYONE feel that they have a RIGHT to harrass someone else because that someone else may do things or like things that they don’t do or like. It is called EACH to his or her OWN PEOPLE! Just like you do what you like, the next person has that same right. Stop playing God by judging other people! You are NOT holyer than thou. Stop bulling, stop harassing…stop killing other peoples dreams and personal goals just because YOU don’t like it!!! Who in the H3ll do you think you are???! Seriously…STOP IT!!!! Way to go B. Scott for your voice! ~Alexis Day

  6. thank you for your insightful, impassioned commentary, b. scott. i found myself cringing at the exchange between doctor drew and that tucker guy; their chuckles and levity were profoundly inappropriate. i was relieved and grateful when you swooped down to speak your mind.

  7. always beautiful b scott :)

  8. loved this. u hit the nail on the headx

  9. loved this. u hit the nail on the headx

  10. I completely agree with you B. Scott, some people just take things too far. No one can honestly understand how someone else feels, because everyone handles situations differently. When you said that you “maybe” would’ve jumped off of the bridge as he did, although I would’ve said no, I do understand what you mean, because sometimes that’s is the only way out .

  11. First off, B..from 2007 to now?? CONGRATS LOVE! You sooo deserve the spotlight! Now second, I believe they should suffer the worst fate allowed by law, they KILLED THAT BOY from the inside, the rest is the aftermath. 

  12. B. Scott. PLEASE TURN OFF THE AUDIO ADS!!! It’s annoying to try and watch these videos when ever 3 mintues an ad starts playing audio that is louder then the video!!!

  13. Way to go B!

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