Bruce Jenner to Undergo Surgery to Flatten His Adam's Apple [Video]

Bruce Jenner Adam's Apple Lovebscott

Bruce Jenner is no stranger to cosmetic enhancements.

His latest move? Undergoing surgery to reduce the appearance his adams apple.

Bruce met with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon yesterday for a consultation for a procedure called a Laryngeal Shave — which smooths out the Adam’s Apple.

When asked by TMZ, he says his reasoning is simply because “I just never liked my trachea.”

According to sources, the surgery has been scheduled for early next year.

Jenner later called TMZ back to clarify — he says he initially went to the plastic surgeon because the basal cell carcinoma that was removed from his nose in September left a large scar that didn’t heal well.  He wanted plastic surgery for his nose, and says while he was there he consulted the doc on the Laryngeal Shave.

Check out the video below!

UPDATE: Bruce has decided to cancel the surgery…for now.

Sources connected with Jenner say he was upset information about the procedure leaked out and blamed people in the doctor’s office. We’re told Bruce informed them he was taking his business elsewhere.

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