Bruce Jenner May Face Wrongful Death Lawsuit for February Automobile Accident That Killed One


Bruce Jenner may face a wrongful death lawsuit for the February automobile death of 69-year-old Kim Howe.


If you recall, Kim was rear-ended by Bruce’s Cadillac Escalade and pushed into oncoming traffic, resulting in her death.

Now, according to TMZ, Kim’s two adult stepchildren are planning to sue Bruce, but here’s the catch: they had “virtually no relationship” with their stepmom.

Luckily for them – but unfortunately for Bruce – stepchildren are allowed to sue in the state of California.

Sources informed TMZ that one of the stepchildren has already been tasked by his lawyer to find as many photos of himself with his stepmom to help establish a winning case.

It’s unknown if Kim’s stepchildren will follow through with the lawsuit, but we guess only time will tell.


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