Brody Jenner Slams Bruce Jenner Dress Headlines: 'Have Some F*cking Respect' [Photos]


Brody Jenner is hitting back at salacious headlines after he was spotted in Malibu picking up a red dress. A few sites (mainly x17 Online) ran with the idea that he was picking up the sexy dress for his father, Bruce Jenner — however that’s not the case.

Brody was picking up the dress for his girlfriend.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.54.48 AM

He took to Instagram with the following:

‘this s**t is too funny. @kaitlynn_carter look what happens when you make me pick up your dry cleaning!! Now please go grab the boys two 30 packs and a bottle of Jack for @dingomorrison XXL nomination after party. #havesomef**kingrespectX17 #youaintTMZ’.

Pop off, Brody! The only issue we have here is the fact that this is NOT how you carry dry cleaning!

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