Brody Jenner ‘Foot Stomps’ Clubgoer During ‘Attack’ in Vegas [Video]

Brody Jenner was assaulted by a stranger at a Las Vegas club where he was celebrating his 38th birthday.

via: Daily Mail

According to a report from TMZ, The Hills: New Beginnings star was attacked at the OMNIA Nightclub in Caesar’s Palace on Friday night.

A witness told the outlet that Brody was specifically targeted by an unidentified man who charged the television personality and his friends in a VIP section.

The source said that the man put Brody in a headlock before Jenner along with his friends and security were able to overcome him.

In a video of the incident obtained by TMZ, Brody, clad in a t-shirt with the wording ‘Cocaine Crybaby’ and a baseball cap with the logo of his tequila-spiked seltzer brand Mamitas, was seen pouring drinks at his table.

In the next clip, one of Brody’s friends was seen pushing a man off The Princes of Malibu star. The man tumbled backward before falling to the floor.

Jenner then stomped on the man and was rushed by a woman who punched him in the chest.

The woman was restrained by another man as she continued to scream at Brody and try to fight her way toward him. She was heard shouting ‘Goddammit’ and ‘Hurry up.’

As she continued to struggle to approach Jenner, she was seen throwing a can of Redbull at him.

Amid the melee, the man who attacked Brody also could be seen tussling with a security guard.

The video concluded as the man who was holding the woman back pushed her away from the area and yelled, ‘Get out of here.’

Sources told TMZ that security restored order and no one was arrested. After the incident, Brody and his group continued to party at the club.

Ahead of the altercation, Brody shared videos of his birthday festivities on his Instagram Story.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians cast member posted clips in which he was seen having brunch and strolling through the lobby of Ceasar’s Palace.

In a 2014 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Brody angrily confronted a man after his half-sister Kendall accused the man of grabbing her behind.

Jenner shouted, ‘Did you just f**king touch my sister?’ before smacking the man’s sunglasses off his head.

It really seems like people forgot how to act after being in quarantine.

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