Britney Spears' Longtime Doctor Dead at 48, Just Days Before New Conservatorship Hearings

The doctor responsible for Britney Spears’ medical treatment died suddenly — just weeks before the judge ruling over her conservatorship case is set to receive a report on whether or not she has been receiving appropriate treatment.

via TMZ:

Dr. Timothy Benson died in Santa Monica, CA on August 24. The cause of death has not been disclosed, but sources tell us the 48-year-old psychiatrist died from an aneurysm.

The timing is significant. Sources connected to Britney tell TMZ the judge will receive a report within the next 10 days from a court-appointed evaluator who has spent more than 3 months determining if her medical and other care was appropriate.

Our sources say, during a hearing last spring, questions were raised about Britney’s medical care. It’s no secret … Britney’s mom, Lynne, has been critical of Jamie Spears handling of the conservatorship and the medical care her daughter has been getting. The questions revolved around the medications Britney was receiving for her serious mental health issues.

The evaluation was ordered after questions were raised over Britney entering a mental health facility earlier this year. Sources connected to Jamie claim the medicine she was taking had lost its efficacy, and doctors were struggling to find a new combination. But, others say they were baffled by what they felt was a sudden turn — they say Britney was going full steam ahead with a new show, and then suddenly became all but incapacitated.

Some have questioned Dr. Benson’s expertise in treating serious mental health issues. He developed a name for himself working with NBA and NFL teams, inspiring athletes to achieve success. He’s a board-certified psychiatrist, but we’re told some people in Britney’s life felt she needed someone who worked full-time on serious mental health issues.

The evaluator’s report is just one issue facing the judge. As we reported, Jamie has filed papers and will appear in court Monday asking a judge to temporarily relieve him of conservatorship duties until January, and put her case manager, Jodi Montgomery, in the conservator’s role during the interim.

Jamie says he’s ill and can’t perform the duties, but there’s a bigger issue. He’s prohibited from having any contact with Britney’s kids after allegedly putting his hands on 13-year-old Sean. Kevin Federline filed a police report and cops are investigating.

It seems improbable Jamie could be Britney’s conservator until the case is resolved, since the conservator is ultimately responsible for the welfare of the children and that’s hard to do when you can’t interact with them.

Our sources say Monday’s hearing should be non-eventful. We’re told there’s no real objection to Montgomery stepping in for the short term. But, depending on the evaluator’s report and the way the assault investigation goes … Jamie’s long-term prospect for staying conservator is up in the air.

With all of the mystery and secrecy surrounding Britney’s mental state over the years, the news of her doctor’s sudden death is certainly suspicious.

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