Britney Spears Knows What Most People ‘Would Probably Say’ After Reading Her New Book, ‘The Woman In Me’

Britney Spears has a big recording decision to make.

via: Uproxx

Last week brought great news for Britney Spears fans: Her long-awaited memoir was finally given a confirmed release date of October 24. The book, The Woman In Me, is set to be a revealing look at Spears’ life, and now she’s written a bit about it in a new Instagram post.

Over the weekend, Spears shared a video in which she and a friend talk about planets and some rocks they found on the beach. In the caption, Spears wrote:

“Salt heals all wounds !!! I was in the ocean for hours yesterday !!! It’s funny we are all told that adults need to grow up !!! The ocean always awakens my inner child and that’s the biggest challenge for me to keep as I wrote the book the woman in me !!! The world can make you bitter hard and cold !!! I’ve played with so many kids on this trip !!! This place is magic on all levels !!! After reading the book, most would probably say she should be the meanest woman alive after what she’s been through and that’s just it !!! I should be !!! I’m sorry but after all of it although it’s thin as hell I’ve learned make peace with it and in each given moment I’m in even though things may be completely wrong I surrender to silliness !!! I don’t want to be a self entitled person who takes myself too seriously !!! My life has not been easy but on the flip side I do know I’m loved !!! And as I sweetly share, there actually 8 planets not 9 !!! In conversation with you don’t let my childish tone confuse you for my truest blood character !!! Which 100 percent in 2 seconds if you piss me off I can become the meanest woman alive !!!! Lol stay happy people life is too short !!! And it’s really ironic how the smallest planet went from pinky to MOTHER F*CKER !!! PSSS are we all on earth right now y’all ???”

Find Spears’ post below.

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