'Braxton Family Values' on Indefinite Hiatus, Family Refuses to Tape Unless They Get More Money

‘Braxton Family Values’ has been placed on indefinite hiatus because the Braxtons want more money.

via TMZ:

Sources connected to the show tell us the entire cast — TamarToniTowandaTraciTrinaand mom Evelyn — was scheduled to shoot in Atlanta last week, but only Traci showed up … so WE tv sent the crew home and pulled the plug on taping.

Our sources say the Braxton women are refusing to return to work until the network and Magical Elves production company renegotiate their contracts for the second half of season 6.

The major bones of contention, we’re told — the cast feels their wardrobe and travel stipends are so low it’s laughable. They also want their salaries increased to an “appropriate” level.

WE tv declined to comment, but sources close to the situation tell us the Braxtons are under contract through season 9. We also reached out to Magical Elves … no word back so far.

Let’s hope they don’t get sued for breach of contract.

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