Brandy's Record Label Responds to Her Lawsuit, Says She Hasn't Had a Hit in Over a Decade

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Brandy’s record label has responded to the lawsuit in which she accuses the label of barring her from releasing new music, among other things.

To make a long story short, the label says that Brandy is simply using the lawsuit to get publicity because her career desperately needs it.

via TMZ:

A rep for Chameleon Entertainment CEO Breyon Prescott tells TMZ … Brandy’s allegations are a desperate ploy to drum up publicity instead of facing facts — her best days are behind her. The rep says Breyon took a risk “signing an artist that hasn’t had a chart single success since the early 2000’s.”

Chameleon’s rep also believes Brandy made a bonehead PR move by making the slavery comparison due to racial tensions across the country right now.

We’re told Brandy and her lawyer reviewed the contract before signing, so Chameleon finds it odd she’s now crying foul.

 A rep for Brandy tells TMZ … if Chameleon believes its own statement, it should have no issue letting her go. The rep said, “Release her from the contract.”

Do you think they should let her go?

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