Brandy Hilariously Responds to Jack Harlow Not Knowing Ray J is Her Brother [Photos]

Jack Harlow recently made headlines for not knowing Brandy and Ray J were siblings. The Louisville rapper was played Brandy’s “Angel in Disguise” during an appearance on Hot 97 and asked to guess the artist behind the song, but he couldn’t figure it out. The hosts then gave him a clue about the singer being Ray J’s sibling, which is when he found out they were related.

via: Uproxx

When played the sound clip, Harlow was instructed to guess the performing artist. Hosts Peter Rosenberg and Ebro Darden offered hints, saying, “Her brother is the reason a lot of people are famous,” and, “Her brother has an amazing sex tape.”

Harlow immediately caught on that the hosts were referring to Ray J, to which he responded, “Who is Ray J’s sister?”

“It’s Brandy,” shouted host Laura Stylez.

“Brandy and Ray J are siblings? Nobody’s ever told me that in my life,” replied Harlow.

Since Harlow’s appearance on Hot 97, neither Ray J or Brandy had responded until early this morning, when Brandy responded to a video clip shared by a fan account on Twitter.

“I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing [h]is ass to sleep,” said Brandy in a tweet.

Her response seemed to have been all in good fun, as she followed up clarifying that her response to the “First Class” rapper was “all love.”

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