Brandon Jenner Says He Saw Caitlyn Jenner Only 'Half a Dozen Times' Growing Up

“After Dad met and married Kris, family became a business,” Brandon said of Caitlyn.

Brandon Jenner is recalling the strained relationship he had with Caitlyn Jenner growing up.

In “To Me, He Was Just Dad,” a book of essays written by children of famous parents, the singer, 38, opened up about how their family dynamic completely changed after Caitlyn married Kris Jenner in 1991.

“I didn’t see my father more than half a dozen times between the ages eight and twenty-five,” Brandon wrote, according to Page Six. “Sadly the infrequent exchanges felt more like staged photo opportunities than real bonding. In fact, they were stage photo ops for ‘family’ Christmas cards.”

The former reality star, who is the son from Caitlyn’s second marriage to actress Linda Thompson, explained how he avoided interacting with Caitlyn and the Kardashians for many years.

“After Dad met and married Kris, family became a business,” Brandon said of Caitlyn. “I stayed away for most of my teenage years. I didn’t want to be a part of their dynamic.”

He continued, “I know now, though, that Dad was pretty unhappy in that house” and went on to claim that Caitlyn “felt like” she wasn’t “treated well.”

Caitlyn and Kris, who had daughters Kendall and Kylie, split in 2013, two years before Caitlyn came out as transgender. Her transition is something Brandon said he wishes happened sooner, “not only because I think she would have been happier but because I think we could have built a stronger relationship earlier.”

Brandon’s younger brother, Brody Jenner, expressed similar thoughts in an episode of “The Hills: New Beginnings” last year.

“I didn’t really grow up with my dad,” said Brody in conversation with his friends Brandon Lee and Frankie Delgado. “When I was really little we got to spend a little bit of time [together].”

In a confessional, Brody added, “Eventually, we were starting to become closer and then all of a sudden it’s like [snaps fingers, as a photo of Caitlyn was shown] I was just getting to know Bruce and then Bruce became Caitlyn.”

“Caitlyn is a totally different person than Bruce. It’s her true self but Bruce was always holding a lot back and being somebody totally different,” he later added. “It’s awesome, she’s great, she’s happy, she’s off living her life, so what I’ve learned is to not expect too much from her.”

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