Brandi Glanville Calls Out Denise Richards for Acting Like 'Complete Bitch' On RHOBH Premiere

She also responds to a fan asking how Richards is in bed, before saying. “Let’s not hate on ANYONE.”

While “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” viewers will have to wait until later this season for the real fireworks between Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards to explode, some of their drama spilled over onto Twitter as the season premiere aired Wednesday night.

As the show aired, Glanville called out Richards for her attitude toward a waiter who brought her the wrong cocktail as she and her costars grabbed a drink together. Throughout the episode, she also responded to a couple fans who specifically brought up her rumored relationship with Denise.

ICYMI, there was a report last year Denise told Brandi she and husband Aaron were in an “open marriage” — but that apparently wasn’t the case and he was “hurt” by the allegations. Denise’s rep said the report was false, Richards herself denied having an open marriage and, according to last night’s premiere, she stopped filming with her costars.

In the premiere, Richards ordered Casamigos Reposado — her go-to drink — but the waiter brought her Casamigos Blanco instead. As she corrected him, her demeanor was a little off-putting.

“Im sorry but [there] is a way to say to your waiter (I’ve waited a lot of tables) that you think your drink might be wrong without being a complete bitch!!!” Glanville tweeted as the scene aired. “I judge people by the way they treat others.”

When a fan said Richards was acting “snobby,” Glanville agreed, before calling it a night on Twitter. “I’m getting off twitter for the eve because I’m already angry I’m not able to be with my little man as he turned 13 today so I will leave with a positive thought – We are watching this show for entertainment. These women are giving us that. Let’s not hate on ANYONE.”

Earlier in the hour, she replied to another viewer who said Brandi “would do anything to get on TV even if that is pretending to be in love.” Her response: “I’m not in love with anyone but my 2 children. I was never in love with Denise I never said that or implied that.”

Another viewer asked “How is Denise in bed,” before Brandi said, “I have been sent a legal STFU.” Glanville previously claimed Richards sent her a cease and desist letter to stop talking about the rumored hookup.

For her part, Denise copped to her bad attitude on Twitter.

“I was all fired up before my tequila was delivered,” she tweeted. “I felt terrible and apologized to the waiter.?? but I do know my tequila.”

When a viewer said they hoped she apologized “because I was mortified watching that scene,” Richards said she agreed. “Unfortunately they can’t air everything,” she added, “I felt awful.”

As for why she was all fired up, the moment happened as she was talking about her custody issues with ex-Charlie Sheen. Click here for a full breakdown of that conversation.

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