Bonnie Goes Viral as 75-Year-Old Wants to Kick 50-Year-Old's 'Bleach Blonde Ass' for Mocking Coronavirus [Video]

“I’m from Chicago and I will gladly tap her on the shoulder and ask her to step outside.”

The internet has found a new hero in Bonnie Taylor, the almost 75-year-old woman who is ready to throw down if you aren’t taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

During a post to her Facebook page on Tuesday, the Chicago native wanted the world to know about the upsetting interaction she experienced at a local grocery store when a random customer yelled at her that the Coronavirus crisis was made up for partisan gain. With her mind on her daughter who is risking her life by working at a hospital, Bonnie said she was not here for such shenanigans and had to contain herself from letting the customer know how they roll in the Windy City.

“I went to Mariano’s today, minding my own business,” Bonnie began her story for the ages. “And there were these women in line, and I had a cart, and I said ‘excuse me,'” she continued as she lifted her collar up over her mouth on the video because the women weren’t practicing social distancing.

“She proceeded to yell at me and tell me I was crazy – what was wrong with me, that this was not a pandemic, this was a political hoax.”

Bonnie was feeling her temperature rise as the woman got her “Southside Polish dander up.”

“I should have just kept on walking and I said ‘Well, if you’re not afraid, then why don’t you go to China and help people,’ and she said ‘Well god damn it, why don’t you — BITCH.’ And I said, ‘Well, I would but I have no money.'”

This is when Bonnie showed where her heart lies and where her OG status originates.

“But at that point, I had to walk away because I thought about my daughter working at hospitals trying to save lives with this pandemic,” she said holding back tears. “And I thought, ya know, this woman has no idea that I’m almost 75, but I’m from Chicago and I will gladly tap her on the shoulder and ask her to step outside and proceed to kick her bleach blonde 50-year-old ass.”

“That’s all I gotta say. God bless. take care of yourself, this is a pandemic. Be careful. I love you all, bye.”

And with that, Bonnie cemented herself in the hearts of many strangers, as social media blew up with fans cheering her on and letting her know they have her unbridled support.

“Chi town Bonnie didn’t make it to 75 by playing games. I got yo back Bonnie when we riding,” wrote one follower with another posting, “Drop Bonnie off at the next White House briefing. She will set folks straight.”

Read some more hilarious reactions from the Bonnie Ride-or-Die club below.

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