Bobby Shmurda Reportedly Involved in Gang-Related Jail Brawl


Bobby Shmurda is currently behind bars for gang-related activity — and it looks like he’s still participating in gang related activities while in jail.

According to TMZ, he got into a Bloods vs. Crips fight last month.

Shmurda and 5 other inmates were cleaning house during the brawl last month in Otis Bantum Correctional Center … according to law enforcement sources. 

We’re told the brawl was in full swing when guards came upon the inmates punching the crap out of each other. A little color commentary — the combatants included an accused burglar, shmurderer, sodomist, and kidnapper. 

Jail officials believe it was a Bloods and Crips thing — we’re told 4 of the inmates, including Bobby, are Crips … while the other 2 are Bloods. Guards broke up the melee with 3 blasts of a pepper spray like “chemical agent.” 

Shmurda’s locked up awaiting trial on conspiracy charges. His attorney had no comment on the jail brawl … which, by the way, went down on April 15.

You would think that he’d be working towards leaving that lifestyle behind now that he’s in jail…but apparently not.

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