Bobby Brown Says Remake of Whitney Houston’s ‘The Bodyguard’ is a Bad Idea [Photos + Video]

A new version of The Bodyguard, which starred Whitney Houston in 1992, will be coming to the big screen. Add another person who is not supportive of the remake, Whitney Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown.

via: Revolt

TMZ caught up with the New Edition star and asked him if he thought remaking the classic film was a bad move. Bobby quickly replied, “Yeah.”

Earlier this week, Variety reported that Matthew López, Tony-nominated playwright of The Inheritance, was hired to write the reimagining of The Bodyguard. The movie will reportedly be inspired by the 1992 romantic drama, which starred Kevin Costner and the late “I Will Always Love You” singer, and grossed $400 million worldwide.

Once news of the remake hit social media, a lot of fans expressed that they felt the same sentiments as Brown did.

Twitter user @MJFINESSELOVER tweeted, “This is such a horrible idea. There is no need for a remake of the legendary movie, The Bodyguard. Hollywood refusing to invest in new talent and create new stories is pure laziness at this point.”

“A Bodyguard remake is a bad idea,” tweeted @iTerryTommy. “The original movie wasn’t even good. It was Whitney and them vocals. Pls, who amongst us could?”

Twitter user @AwkweirdMonkey wrote, “Why?!?! Is this remake gonna have a fire, stand on its own soundtrack? Probably not. Then why the f*** do it?!?! IF YOU MUST…get @ChloeBailey or @Normani. At least you’d have some hope but honestly, why ya’ll like headaches?”

“The thought of somebody else trying to sing Whitney’s songs in this film bring to mind a quote from the Got2bReal Whitney: ‘Take comfort in knowing that every time you open your mouth to sing — the public will miss ME even more,’” tweeted @perfectblue.

Social media user @kayewhitehead wrote, “Here is a quick thread of why a remake of #TheBodyguard will NOT work: 1. Whitney Houston. That’s it. That’s the entire thread.”

Yeah Hollywood can keep it.

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