Blueface Has a Stripper Party Amid Coronavirus Quarantine, Brawl Breaks Out [Video]

Rapper Blueface threw a party for a group of strippers that not only put everyone’s health at risk, but also their physical safety.

Long story short — the girls were fighting.

via TMZ:

It went down at the rapper’s California estate Saturday. Blueface, with the Instagram handle @bluefacebleedem, posted this vid of a bunch of women in bikini tops and g-strings.

They were there to shoot a music video, but there is NO SOCIAL DISTANCING … quite the opposite. The video begins with the women in a circular formation with Blueface smack-dab in the middle.

It then devolves into a physical fight that violates every safety measure Dr. Fauci and so many others have urged everyone to follow. The women had each other by the hair … in one case one of the women had her wig pulled off.

It’s just another example of people ignoring warnings and intermingling in ways that can easily spread the virus.

If anyone knows any of the girls in the video, check back with them in two weeks.

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