Blueface Arrested for Gun Possession in Hollywood

The LAPD isn’t playing when it comes to rappers during Super Bowl week in Los Angeles.

via: Complex

TMZ reports the 25-year-old rapper was pulled over around 3 a.m. at the intersection of Sunset and Vine in Hollywood for driving with an expired registration. After running a computer check, police discovered that Blueface had a suspended license.

Law enforcement ordered the rapper and three other passengers to exit the vehicle, at which point cops found a loaded firearm in the center console of the vehicle. Blueface was taken into custody on a single charge of carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle. None of the other three individuals appear to have been arrested.

The news arrives several months after Blueface last landed himself in hot water with law enforcement. Back in September, the Los Angeles native was accused of attacking a bouncer at nightclub in the San Vernando Valley.

Sources told TMZ that Blueface was stopped at the entrance by a security guard who asked to see proper identification. After admitting that he didn’t have his ID, things allegedly turned physical, as the rapper and a couple friends jumped the bouncer and left. The man was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for bruises and scratches that required stitches.

The arrest marks the second time this week LAPD has made their presence felt as the city prepares to host the Big Game. After DaBaby’s alleged fight with DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills at a local bowling alley on Wednesday (February 9), the cops announced they were investigating the matter as a possible assault after security footage revealed Bills was kicked in the head as he lay on the ground.

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