Blac Chyna's Drug Possession Charge Caused by Ecstasy Pills in Her Purse


Blac Chyna was arrested for drug possession, in addition for drunk and disorderly conduct, after cops found 2 ecstasy pills in her purse.

via TMZ:

Law enforcement tells us, after Chyna was busted Friday at Austin International Airport for being drunk and disorderly, cops searched her purse and found 2 small white pills with gold glittered flecks in a sunglasses case.

The pills had imprints on both sides, which is a telltale sign of ecstasy. Cops field tested the drug and it came back as MDMA — commonly known as ecstasy. 

As for Chyna’s conduct at the airport, according to the police report obtained by TMZ, she became “verbally aggressive to a bartender … who then would not serve her the amount of alcohol she wanted.”

The report says Chyna became “passively resistive,” letting her body become dead weight and refusing to walk.

Chyna told the bartender she had taken Xanax. At some point after her arrest a cop asked her if she had been drinking and she said, “Of course,” and then she began to cry.

We wonder how this will play into her custody arrangements with Tyga. Do you think he’ll use this incident to try and gain full custody?

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