Blac Chyna Sues TMZ for Defamation, Emotional Distress, and More Over ‘False’ Cocaine Accusations

Blac Chyna has filed a massive lawsuit against TMZ and America Media alleging defamation, defamation, conversion, public disclosure of private facts, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The lawsuit stems from the the publication of confidential documents filed in her custody dispute with Rob Kardashian.

via The Blast:

In the suit, Chyna accuses the defendants of violating her rights by publishing stories based on alleged confidential documents filed in her custody battle with Rob Kardashian over their daughter Dream.

She says she originally reached a custody agreement with Rob back in 2017. In March 2019, she believed the “child custody dispute was amicably resolved” with Rob. She said they both released statements praising the other’s parenting skills and professing their dedication to peacefully co-parent with each other for the sake of their daughter.

Chyna says she stopped working with her lawyer because she thought everything with Rob was solid.

On January 3, 2020, Rob filed court documents in the custody battle accusing Chyna of neglecting Dream and endangering her health and safety. She says the documents contained false and defamatory accusations against her.

In the documents filed by Rob, he accused her of using illegal drugs like cocaine, that she taught their daughter to twerk, neglected Dream’s basic hygiene and that she was repeatedly drunk in front of their kid. Chyna says all of this is a lie.

She says TMZ somehow obtained the confidential document and published the false statements to the world. She says the document is sealed under California law. Chyna is unsure how the documents were leaked to the outlet.

To make matters worse, she says her custody agreement was also leaked to US Weekly (owned by American Media) last month. Chyna says she was trying to hash out things with Rob privately but “that peace was short-lived.”

Chyna says another media outlet published the custody agreement she reached with Rob. She says “In a very unstable world full of unstable people, Ms. White is petrified that the publication of Dream’s specific custody schedule would severely endanger Dream.

She admits that “As the only grandchild of Kris Jenner with the “Kardashian” name, there unquestionably is a substantial public interest in Dream Kardashian.” Chyna says the leaks have caused her to be fearful for Dream’s safety. Chyna is suing for unspecified damages.

Good luck, Chyna. She definitely picked an uphill battle.

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