Blac Chyna Reportedly Put Her Hands on Rob Kardashian During an Explosive Argument; Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Are Done with Them BOTH

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna may be trying to work things out — but the Kardashian sisters are tired of their shenanigans and aren’t dealing with either of them.

via TMZ:

Sources close to the situation tell us squabbles like the one this past weekend are standard for Rob and BC. We’re told this fight escalated beyond the norm because Chyna allegedly got physical with Rob right as Corey Gamble showed up to their house … and Corey had to literally rip her off Rob.

We’re told Corey called a couple of the sisters after he’d broken up the fight, and they went over to play peacemakers, but Chyna left before they got there.

Our sources say the two are talking once again, but aren’t living under the same roof … a constant theme. 

Our sources say Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are tired of Rob and Chyna’s constant off-and on-cycle … and Saturday’s blowup was too much to forget. We’re told they’re not taking sides either … they think both are to blame.

Chyna DID joke about ‘beating’ Rob in those leaked text messages…but we didn’t think she was serious!

E! News has a bit more insight as to what went down:

“She was punching him in his back and arms and was in a drunken rage,” a source says. Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble walked in on their fight “and ripped Chyna off of Rob.”

According to a source, Rob’s sisters believe he issued a “fake apology” to simply smooth things over with Chyna. “The sisters don’t want anything to do with this relationship. They see how fake it is. It’s so unhealthy for their brother. They see how Chyna is using their family for fame and money and they aren’t going to let it happen anymore. The family accepted her but since Chyna is now showing who she really is, they don’t want anything to do with her. They have real-life problems going on and are trying to have a positive New Year and not this drama.”


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