Blac Chyna Reportedly Only Told Rob Kardashian He Might Not be the Father of Their Baby 'To Get Under His Skin' [Video]


Rob Kardashian IS the father of Blac Chyna’s baby girl without question — despite what the producers of ‘Rob & Chyna’ are teasing us to believe.

via TMZ:

The tease shows Chyna demanding a paternity test and there’s a shot of her with a needle in her arm … it makes it seem like she herself is saying she was sleeping with multiple guys.

However, production sources tell us the needle is for a routine blood test … NOT a paternity test. We’re also told she has made it clear … Rob’s the only guy who could possibly be the dad.

In fact, we’re told Chyna and Rob planned the pregnancy almost from the get-go. They tried for several weeks to do the deed before she actually got pregnant, despite the fact they only dated each other for a minute.

Chyna actually did tell Rob at one point he might not be the father, but did it “to get under his skin because she was pissed off at him.”



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