Bill Cosby Transferred to Maximum Security Prison

Bill Cosby’s 3-to-10 year prison stay is already off to an intense start.

The disgraced comedian, now known as inmate NN7868, has been transferred to maximum security at the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution Phoenix in Schwenksville, PA.

via TMZ:

It’s significant … prison is a maximum security facility, meaning it houses some of the most violent offenders in the state. The prison is fairly new and has 3,830 beds.

The judge deemed Cosby a “sexually violent predator” … which apparently was the trigger for the choice of prison. 

Cosby will be housed in a single cell next to the infirmary … possibly because of his medical problems. He’s allowed phone calls and visitation consistent with prison policies.  

A prison official says, “We are taking all of the necessary precautions to ensure Mr. Cosby’s safety and general welfare in our institution.” The official says the long-term goal is for Cosby to go into the general population.  

We hear his prison meals include pudding.

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