Big Dummy: Jogger Tries to Put Out Phoenix Wildfire...with His Shoes [Video]

A Phoenix man identified as Trevor Murphy thought this his tennis shoes were enough to stomp out a local wildfire — and they werent.

via TMZ:

Check it out … Trevor was out on his morning run. He’s training for the 100-mile Ultra Marathon in October and runs 10 to 20 miles a day.

He came across a fire started by a lightning strike and tried to keep the fire from spreading across the hiking trail. He didn’t have a hoe, didn’t have a shovel, but he had some kicks.

As the weatherman from the CBS affiliate in Phoenix watched in shock on the air, Trevor was kickin’ up dirt, licking the flames with his shoes.

He didn’t do much to subdue the flames, and the soles of his shoes melted. To repeat the words of the weatherman … don’t try this at home.

He’s lucky he didn’t burn his damn foot off. Watch the video below.

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