Watch: Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli Throws a Drink on Iggy Azalea at the Cardi B x Fashion Nova Launch Event [Video]

Bhad Babie aka Danielle Bregoli didn’t wait to catch Iggy Azalea outside — instead the 15-year-old threw a drink on her inside at the Cardi B x Fashion Nova launch event in Hollywood on Wednesday night.

via TMZ:

It was immediate bedlam — Iggy’s crew started jawing back and Bhabie’s security held her back. They couldn’t stop her from running her mouth, though. It’s great video … when you remember this is a 15-year-old attacking a 28-year-old.

The beef apparently started because Iggy talked smack on social media, saying who would even go to one of Bhabie’s shows. Of course, Danielle fired back, Iggy should so she could remember what a sold-out show looks like (quality burn, there).

Bhabie was still fired up when we, uh … caught her outside, and she insisted “ain’t nobody worried about that f**kin’ hoe!!”

As for Iggy — this is gonna sound weird — but she was totally the adult. Seeming unfazed, she said she hopes it wasn’t alcohol Bhabie threw because “she’s a little kid.” She also insinuated Bhabie’s age is the only thing saving her from a can of whoopass. Hmmm … who’s your money on?

Iggy took to social media after the incident to address what happened. On Twitter, she wrote:

She also addressed the altercation in an Instagram Story:

“I’m driving home, so I have to look at the road, but I’ve got a long drive so I want to say this while I can before I forget. I get that this little girl has made a name for herself acting a damn fool on television and online, but I’m a grown-up. I’m not about to waste my energy on that shit or be fighting a kid in a club. Come on. I came to get a check. I left with a check. You left with your bags stuffed over there and you look silly. I’m not going to be scrambling around on the floor for a 15-year-old girl on the internet. I have to laugh. I don’t know. I just think people want clout really bad. Mama, good luck with your career. You’re young. You’re going to look back on this and you’re going to really feel dumb. I just think that shit’s lame as hell, but maybe it’s ’cause I’m a grown-up.”

Bhad Bhabie also took to her Instagram Story and wrote:

 “Bye broke bich. Bye hoe. Glad u left wit a bag cuz u certainly ain’t making no money from music anymore. It’s simple. Don’t talk all sorts of shit on the internet n come up to me like u my friend. Some of these hoes like u fake n 2 faced as fuckk vbut I’m NOT that bich.”

We have to hand it to Iggy for not reacting to fight a child. Sidebar, how did a 15-year-old get in the club anyway?

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